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Lake Teletskoye

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The following tours are provided in this region:

  • Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"
  • Tour "Altai welcomes guests"
  • There are following sights in this region:

  • Lake Teletskoye
  • Kuznetsk Fortress
  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
  • Stone Mushrooms
  • Tazgol
  • Waterfall Saga
  • Lake Teletskoye on the map


    Lake Teletskoye is the largest one in Altai and one of the biggest in Russia. The maximal depth of the lake is about 330m. The name of the lake goes from the name of the teleut tribe, Lake Teletskoye often is called a smaller brother of Baikal. As Baikal Lake Teletskoye is elongated between the mountains, many rivers and streams flow into this lake, but only one river flows out, it is the river Biya.

    In Altai language the name of the lake is Altyn Koel that is translated as "the golden lake". Nowadays despite of its huge popularity the lake is not developed that much, its northern shore in the area of village Artybash is mostly opened up. You should use a motor boat or a motor ship to get to the south. But there is also a good thing about this – the most part of the lake area is preserved well from the harmful influence of civilization and stands beside us in its primordial beauty.

    At the northern part of the lake most of the tourist centres are situated and there is a point where most of the tourist itineraries begin from. The famous sights are: Corbu waterfall, Kishte waterfall, Stone bay, waterfalls on the Third river.

    The lake full of mountain water is still cold during the whole year, in the upper zone water seldom warms up more than +10 degrees. You can swim only in the southern part of the lake in the bay where water gets warmer, but it becomes possible only during a few weeks in summer. But it is not the main thing about this lake, it attracts people like a magnet by its mystery and beauty.

    We offer you some tours which would help you to unveil some legends and mysteries of this wonderful place!

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