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Mountain Shoria (Siberian Switzerland)

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    Mountain Shoria is often called the Siberian Switzerland for its nature wealth and beauty. This area has all opportunities to become the international tourist centre. The reason is that according to the number of recreational resources and their quality it excels others in the majority of recreational zones.

    The famous region of Mountain Shoria has already became one of the favourite places for people to have rest thanks to its climate, favourable ecological situation, fresh mountain air, which seems to become even clearer with the height growth.

    The administrative centre of Mountain Shoria is the town Tashtagol, which is located at the distance 560 kilometers from Novosibirsk, 400 kilometers from Kemerovo and 160 kilometers from Novokuznetsk. There is a regular railway and car communication between Novokuznetsk and Tashtagol. Mountain Shoria occupies the southern part of Kemerovo Region and geographically is a part of the mountain range of Altai. It represents medium-high mountain chain (up to 2100 meters), which is divided by two rivers – Mras-Su and Kondoma. Shoria extends up to 170 km from the north to the south from the river Tom to Bijskaya Griva and to 100 km from the east to the west from the Salair mountain range to the Abakan mountain range. The square of Mountain Shoria is 13.5 thousand square kilometers. It makes up a half of Belgium’s territory and one-third (1/3) of the territory of Switzerland, to which Shoria is often compared. Shorian national park occupies about 30% of this area.

    The relief of Mountain Shoria represents such landscape: the predominance of soft alps shape divided by river valley, loaches with no flora, which crown high mountain chains up to 1.5 thousand meters high.

    The main alp of Mountain Shoria is the sacred mountain Mustag (1570 meters). In the whole eastern part of Mountain Shoria there’s large karst zone with numerous caves and grottos.

    The rest in Mountain Shoria in winter is mountain-skiing and tourism. There are splendid conditions for this in Mountain Shoria: appropriate steepness of mountainside, big durance of snow blanket deposition (7 months), clear and temperately frosty weather without snow, light “cold” snow, which not so many resorts may be proud of in the world.

    Mountain-skiing complex Sheregesh unites 2 zones for tobogganing – the mountain Medvezhonok and the mountain Zelenaya, which are located at the distance 11 kilometers. You can live both on the territory of these two complexes and in the village Sheregesh itself as well. The high level of the mountain Zelenaya is generally recognized by specialists of international Federation for mountain-skiing and snowboarding. Time and again here the professional and amateurish Championships of Russia for alpine-skiing are organized.

    Mountain Shoria in winter represents wonderful routes, which are available not only for professionals, but also for amateurs including mountain-skiing and snowboarding , the school for mountain-skiing, competitions and festivals.

    To get ready for climbing champion alps newcomers can study in a special mountain-skiing school after the guidance of experienced coaches for just 1-2 days. There are many hotels on the mountain Zelenaya with all set of services, they are situated in Siberian taiga, right near the foot of the lines. Here you can find the service of different level – from usual canteen to café, bars and restaurants, also the hire of mountain-skiing inventory and snowboards, service of seat and rope tows, sauna, disco, etc. And all of these is available during the most enduring season in the region – from November to May.

    In summer rest in Mountain Shoria is as interesting as in winter. Wonderful nature and history, which takes its beginning in ancient times – it’s a good basis for excursion programs. Mysterious mountains in blue smoke covered by the fir-aspen woods, unique relic plant associations, remaining from the preglacial times, clear mountain rivers – this is Mountain Shoria! Welcome and take your trip to the dreamland! Mountain Shoria will enchant you!

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