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The following tours are provided in this region:

  • Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"
  • Tour "Altai welcomes guests"
  • Altai on the map


    Altai is a real pearl of Siberia. It is a place of rare beauty and primordial nature. Many European tourists compare this place to Switzerland. Really Altai Mountains remind Alps in many aspects, but have some favorable differences. In the Altai Mountains beauty there is special Siberian touch. You admire not only the landscape, but the greatness and power of these mountains covered with snow. The ocean of mountain taiga, crystal-clear mountain rivers and lakes, large edelweiss meadows, wonderful waterfalls!

    Altai is a land of contrasts. Here you can find a lot of nature and climate complexes which are unlike to each other. Thanks to the pronounced vertical zoning there are such beauties of nature as huge taiga forestland on the mountainsides which often end as a steep to the mountain rivers, alpine meadows with legendary edelweisses, covered with snow alps, cold rivers raging in rapids and waterfalls in the upper course and silent in the lower, steppe expanses and mountain-steppe landscapes of intermountain trough.

    So-called "organized tourism" is well-developed in Altai. The amount of tourist centres, sanatoriums and camp sites is growing on and on. Fast developing of tourist infrastructure is conductive for attracting tourists. So the wish of foreigners to visit Altai is naturally.

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