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The following tours are provided in this region:

  • Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"
  • Excursion-ethnographical tour – “Siberian Hospitality”
  • Active-excursion tour – “Picturesque Places Of Kuznetsk Alatau”
  • Tour «Welcome To Siberia!»
  • Tour «Winter Fishing In Siberia»
  • Tour «Snow Lines Of Siberia»
  • Tour «Siberian Snowmobile Tour»
  • Novokuznetsk on the map


    Novokuznetsk is the largest city of Kemerovo Region, the administrative centre of Novokuznetsky district of Kemerovo region, Russia, one of the biggest metallurgical and coal mining centers of Russia. Population of Novokuznetsk is about 563.8 thousand people (at 2011), so it takes the 27th place in Russia. The Novokuznetsk urban agglomeration, which includes the towns of Kiselyovsk, Mezhdurechensk and Prokopyevsk has a population of 1.13 million people.

    Founded in 1618 by men from Tomsk as a Cossack ostrog on the Tom River, it was initially called Kuznetsk. It was here that Fyodor Dostoevsky married his first wife, Maria Isaeva (1857).

    Rapid industrialization of the Soviet Union transformed the sleepy town into a major coal mining and industrial center in the 1930s. It merged with Sad Gorod in 1931. In 1931-1932 the city was known as Novokuznetsk and between 1932-1961 as Stalinsk after Stalin. In 1961 Stalinsk was renamed to Novokuznetsk.

    In the time of The Second World War life in Novokuznetsk turned to the war conditions. Huge contribution to the victory made Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine: into the earliest time constraints there production of the armoured steel was mastered, was worked up the new technology of rolling reservation, from which was made half of all war production of our country. The city became one of the centres of evacuee production location, in the war conditions there were built two factories.

    In the post-war period there a dimensioned house-building was organized in the city. The largest avenues and streets got their modern look, new districts were developed.

    Now Novokuznetsk is not only an industrial heart of Siberia, but it is also a big cultural and economic centre.

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