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The following tours are provided in this region:

  • Tour «Welcome To Siberia!»
  • Excursion-ethnographical tour – “Siberian Hospitality”
  • Kemerovo on the map


    Kemerovo is an administrative centre of Kemerovo Region, it is the second town by the quantity of population and by the square of territory after Novokuznetsk. The coal-mining industry had been working there for over than 100 years to date.

    While walking along the centre of Kemerovo with its neo-classical ensembles of streets, squares and prospects, it is difficult to imagine that not so long ago this city was one of the most important objects of urban and architectonic experiments among Russian territory. In the second decade of the 20th century Kemerovo and surrounding settlements became a testing ground for new conceptions in living conditions.

    During its short history the population of Kemerovo has grown with incredible speed: in 1920 around 10000 people lived here, in 1926 there were more than 20000 and in 1935 it had grown to a mere 125000.

    Today the population counts more than half a million. As a consequence of this rapid growth the history of its urban development is impressive.

    At the time of the revolution several villages existed at the place where the coal was found, such as Kemerovo, Evsevo, Cur-Iskitim, Krasniy Yar, the miners colony Krasnaya Gorka (Little Red Mountain) - the settlement of the construction workers of the chemical factory, and the large village Shcheglovo. This village had a church, a school, two mills, a handicraft-tannery and a boat landing. Once the factory and the mine started to work the village began to develop rapidly. In 1918 Shcheglovo with surroundings got the status of town, with the name Shcheglovsk.

    Nowadays Kemerovo is a modern city with both developing industrial and cultural directions.

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