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The yurt complex “Bij-Khem”

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You can visit this hotel on tour:

  • Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Great Sayan Ring"
  • Active-excursion tour "The Pearls Of Tuva"
  • Active-excursion tour "Sayan Expanses"
  • Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Mysteries Of Sayan Ring"
  • The tourist centre "Bij-Khem" is a yurt camp, built here specifically for tourists traveling on the Great Sayan Ring. Yurts are real, life-size, felt, lower door as expected, turned to the east. They are furnished based on one or two people. In the tent it is spacious and comfortable. Furniture include  wooden bed, small wardrobe, bedside table, suitcase rack. Inside the house there is vanity and sink, a tulip. The other facilities - toilets and showers with hot water - are located in a separate large tent.
    Capacity: 30 persons. Location: 22 km from the city of Kyzyl, in a picturesque location on the river bank Bij-Khem (Big Yenisei). At your service: a visit to the nomads, horse riding and camel riding, river rafting Bij-Khem, a dinner at a restaurant with traditional Tuvan cuisine, a visit to holy places, trips to the lakes Svatikovo, Chagotay, Tere-Khol and radon sources Argolic, Shiviling.



    phone: (3843) 32-09-60; 32-09-50;


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