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The Bowing Cross on the mountain Kurgan in Mountain Shoria

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  • Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"
  • Placement of Bowing Crosses at the high places, at the crossroads – is an old Orthodox tradition. Travellers and wayfarers being far from home could pray, to bow to the Cross, ask God for help and defence. The first Bowing Cross was placed in Russia by Saint Princess Olga more than a thousand years ago on the Kiev Mountains. Orthodox Bowing Crosses usually are wooden, rarely – stone tetracrepid or cast. They may be decorated with carving and ornamental pattern. Invariable are their Orthodox maintenance and the orientation to the East.
    The Bowing Crosses meaning always some memorial and significant places, serve as a place for the prayer for the believers, the reminding for everyone passing by about the necessity of penance, the mind ablution and living according to the God’s Law and love for one’s neighbor. 
    The Bowing Cross was placed on the mountain Kurgan of the mountain range Mustag in 2001 in honor to the 2000 anniversary of the Christmas. The idea of Cross placement appeared during the visit of bishop of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk Sophroniy to the Tashtagol Deanery and with the support of the governor of Kemerovo Region Aman Tuleev.
    The Cross height is more than 15 m, and together with the foundation – almost 20 m. The construction weigh 7.5 ton and was built with use of the helicopter.
    As usual the fact of placing the Orthodox Cross on Mustag is disputable, it supposed to be the sacred mountain Shorians. There are a lot of legends and superstitions about Mustag. This is the most respected mountain of the Mountain Shoria, which has a severe master. The Shorians carry out the rite “shachit” to mitigate its disposition. It doesn’t matter on which distance people are far from the mountain Mustag – in any case they pray to the mountain turning their face to it. Placing of the metal cross on the mountain is a blow for the Shorian people for whom this mountain is one of the main sanctuaries. Shorians consider placing the Bowing Cross to be the act of contamination of their sacred mountain.

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