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Paraskeva Chapel

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  • Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Mysteries Of Sayan Ring"
  • Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Great Sayan Ring"
  • Paraskeva Chapel is the Orthodox chapel, one of the symbols of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Situated on the top of the mountain Karaulnaya (Guard mountain), on the site of an ancient pagan temple Tatar kachintsev. Local tribes called Mount Kum tegey - Black Hill.
    The first building built by Russian settlers on the site of the present chapel was a wooden watchtower, on which the Cossacks carried the guard who warned the inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk of the approach of enemies. In 1805, a merchant of this place I. Novikov built a chapel in memory of his salvation from a happy whirl on the rapids. According to another version, a wooden chapel built in honor of Krasnoyarsk deliverance from ancestral enemies.
    In 1852-1855 on the place of the dilapidated wooden chapel architects Alfeev and Nabalov on and the means of gold-Krasnoyarsk Peter Kuznetsov was built the new stone chapel, which is preserved to this day. Paraskeva Chapel is a small octagonal brick building in Old Russian style. It has three windows covered with wrought iron railings, and a false window opening. Framing of openings follows the shape of corbel arches were decorated with the transition from the walls to the tent chapel.
    The height of the chapel is 15 m, diameter is 7 m, the walls height is 7 m, the length of the verges is 2.4 m.
    The place where the chapel is located is one of the best view points of Krasnoyarsk. From the point on the top of Karaulnaya mountain the view opens to the most part of the city. In this place great Russian artist Vasily Surikov worked often. In August 1887 from this point the famous Russian scientist and inventor Alexander Stepanovich Popov was watching the eclipse (in memory of this event on the eastern façade of the chapel there is a memorial board).
    In 1973-1975 the chapel was restores by the project of architector Brusnyanin, but until the beginning of 1990s it stayed in deserted condition. From 1980 the Paraskeva chapel has the status of architecture memorial of local value and is included in the register recommended to be in Federal Protection. In 1996 the inner and outward appearance of the chapel was strongly changed: wall were painted by frescos, the central heating was lead, the cupola changed to the larger one. 
    The image of Paraskeva Chapel (in the condition before 1996) is put on the front side of the Russian banknote of 10 rubles.
    In summer 1927 the museum stuff of the Priyeniseisky Territory together with the archaeologist S.A. Teploukhov discovered rich burial of XIII—XIV centuries on the Karaulnaya mountain. The modern Krasnoyarsk territory was included in Ezerskoe principality of Yenisei kyrgyzes. The mountain Kum-Tegei probably was a sacred place. The wealth of objects found in burials may indicate that on the hill there had been buried members of the aristocratic princely family, who probably ruled the territory.


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