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Museum-reserve “Kazanovka”

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  • Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Mysteries Of Sayan Ring"
  • Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Great Sayan Ring"
  • "Kazanovka" isn’t a simple place. 12 years ago there the museum-reserve "Kazanovka" was found, which became the pride of Askizskij district and the entire region of Khakassia. "Kazanovka" - an example of how to relate to historical and cultural heritage, the brand in demand by scientists and tourists from around the world. Excursions around the museum discover the special world behind the tourists: both simple and very harmonious, understandable and full of mysteries and secrets.
    Here there are several of them: 
    There are four famous paths of spirits, also there is a special place of ill fame called Turachakh (a house). According to the ideas of natives, Turachakh is a mountain spirits dwelling. According to the legends the mountains here slide apart when the spirits come home. If a normal human being find himself near he might be tighten deep into the rock. Rumors about time to time lost people are still alive.
    The images of mountain spirit hara kiziler (the black people) may be seen as the petroglyphs at the pisanitsa Hazyn Hyr. They are graven in the form of human figures with bird’s legs and high growth. As legend tell brothers have unexpected character. Depending on the mood hara kiziler can both do harm and help. As legend says hara kiziler appear to people mostly at the dawn from the east side. You can collide with them during hunting in taiga. If they will like the person “black people” will help him, may even show him the way if he get lost and turn the animal to the shot. If they not – they destroy him.
    Now there are a lot of people who have seen mountain spirits with their own eyes. They say that they are generally very tall men and women sitting on decorated horse carts. Mountain spirits appeared to people are usually very beautiful and smart, though meeting with them forebodes either future test or changes in fate.
    Not far from tourist yurt complex “Kazanovka” in picturesque mountain surroundings of the valley Kug (happiness) the lonely granite monument Akh Tas (white stone) stands. There are plenty of ceremonies and legends connected with this monument and one of the main settings of this stone placed in the valley about 4 thousand years ago – to help people.
    Akh Tas is called a curative stone. Last 150 thousand years this stone have been used by natives to cure different illnesses. Akh Tas cures edemas, cordial activity, blood illnesses. The scientists don’t exclude that this curative of the stone is explained geomagnetic anomaly noticed here. 
    There is a legend how this stone appeared.
    The old lady (Inej) and the old man (Apsakh) brought their people to the valley, they stopped, looked around: they liked this place. They decided to live here, but Inej said that aal ought to be set to the right of the mountain Aar tag and Apsakh liked left side more. They discussed a lot and fighted each other. Inej won. In fury she pushed the old man so strongly that he flew through the river and fell on the top of the mountain Aar tag. Offence was so strong that he turned to the stone. You can see him now – on the top of the mountain there is a rock (it is called so – Apsakh Tas, Stoned old man), silhouette of which is funny reminds offended old man. 
    Inej was very upset with her husband’s offense – she went a little aside, sat down… and turned to stone too.
    The people of Inej and Apsakh in respect to will of the elder stayed all around the district and in memory of this tragic event they placed a white stone on the place of discord. There are much astonishing in this story, but the most interesting is that three monuments Apsakh tas, Akh tas and Inej tas are with a little error are the tops of equilateral triangle.
    The stones old lady – Inej tas patronized the cattle-breeding. Till the 50-s she “helped” people, here the ceremonies of sacrifice took place, near the foot of Inej tas the square were covered with river sand, where 14 sculptures of domestic animals placed. And Inej tas itself in the early 60-s last century was blown up. Wonderful temple under the open air was destroyed. They say that after that cattle started to propagate worse. Also they say that no one who participate in this sacrilege didn’t end his life well.
    And Inej tas still have a huge homage. Now the mountain, where the stone stood is called Inej-paary (the foot of Inej). Then here ceremonies still take place, those who pass by, bind up ribbons on the birches.
    People who visit this place can fully feel beauty and strength of this unusual place, where the old lade Inej, even after loss of her former image still helps her people.

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