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The museum-preserve “Krasnaya Gorka”

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  • The museum-preserve "Krasnaya Gorka" was found in 1991 in Kemerovo on the territory of former coal-mine. The area of Krasnaya Gorka represents the museum in the open air: here, on the steep bank of Tom there is unique complex of mining and historical-cultural heritage monuments, which are taken in their natural landscape. The monuments make up the whole complex united under the subject of coal-mining industry developing in Kuzbass. Each of this development's phases remains its mark in history as immovable monuments. The most ancient one is Gorelaya Gora – the place where the Kuznetsk Basin was found in 1721. The most ancient buildings such as the buildings of AIK KOPIKUZ, which action took place in 1912-19 still remains here. There are dwelling houses and civil buildings of unique international industrial organization Autonomous Industrial Colony KUZBASS (AIK KUZBASS), which action took place on the territory of Kuzbass in 1922-27. This time people of more than 30 nationalities from different countries were working there together. New monuments appeared in the 21th century. In 2003 the monument "In memory of Kuzbass' miners" by the sculptor Ernst Neizvestny appeared. In 2007 during the celebration of the Kemerovo mine's centenary a new sculptural composition appeared. It was situated behind the museum and called "The Saint Great Martyr Varvara – the protector of miners".

    The location of the museum determines the main subject of its expositions and exhibitions – it's the history of Kemerovo mine and the city of Kemerovo.

    Together with excursions inside the museum there are excursions on the territory of Krasnaya Gorka, which are usually accompanied by demonstration of historical-architectural monuments.

    Making of "museum cinema" is another direction of museum's work. The newsreel was used to make films for demonstration to visitors of the museum and for the local history lessons.

    Gradually the museum is becoming one of the cultural city centres, the place of rest for people. That's why the museum aspires to broad the spectrum of work. In museum such arrangements as conferences, club meetings, chess tournaments, poetical and musical soirees near the fireplace and wedding photo sessions take place. Here on the comfortable territory drama performances and holidays are organized. But the main mission of museum is to keep the historical-cultural heritage. Museum is planning to continue development of its territory by creating the Museum of Coal at the place where Kuzbass was found.

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