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  • Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"
  • Ethnographic museum in the open air "Tazgol" is located on the territory of the Shorian National Park in the wide valley of the river Anzas in the village Ust-Anzas. The village is located near the sacred shorian mountain Aigan. "Tazgol" translated from Shorian means "even meadow". The museum exposition tells about the cultural traditions of Shorians. This is the first experience of creating an ethnographical museum in the open air in the natural surroundings in Kuzbass. Its building began in 1991. The way of life, traditions and customs of Shorians are recreated in the exposition of the eco-museum.

    The first group of exposition – archeological and ethnographical reconstructions of the settlements of the late Bronze Age and the Middle Ages with the remains of the housing complex, the ancient smelting, cult altars and burials. Some of such settlements were located on the territory of the museum itself in the valley of the river Mras-Su near the entry of the river Anzas.

    The second group of exposition is concerned with the epoch of geographical contemporaneity, the Shorian ulus Karga, which got the name Ust-Anzas in the end of the 19th century. The most significant is the complex of architectural-ethnographical monuments of the department of Altai Mental Mission in Mras-Su which was a missionary camp established in the end of 19th century and now it is a part of the museum in force.

      The main excursions are:
    • 1. Acquaintance with the daily life and customs of the local inhabitants (haymowing, fishing, nut trade, blacksmith's work, manual ablution of gold, in winter - hunting);
    • 2. Acquaintance with the missionary activity of the Mras-Su department of Altai Mental Mission.

    The square of the museum makes up 5 hectares. On the territory of museum several exposition are picked out.

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