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Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

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Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral


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  • Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral is the oldest Orthodox cathedral of Novokuznetsk. It was built in the 18th century. The view on the cathedral opened when people approached the city. For a long time cathedral with its 40 meters high bell tower was the highest building of Kuznetsk district and one of the highest in Siberia. In 1935 the cathedral was ruined and closed, the reconstruction began in 1988.

    The building of the cathedral finished in 1835 with participation of its churchwarden and author of the famous "Kuznetsk chronicle" Ivan Konukhov. The building of cathedral lasted for 43 years that is reflected in its stylistics: there is the classicism tradition. Originality of the cathedral is emphasized by the plenty of baroque cupolas. The architecture of the cathedral for the strict proportion of the volumes and discreet decorative-plastic ornamental pattern fronts incarnates stylistics of classicism with elements of late "Siberian baroque".

    In 1618 priest Anikudim came to Kuznetsk and organized Preobrazhenskaya chapel for divine service. In 1622 Kuznetsk stockade town received the status of the city and emblem, by this time on the high bank terrace the new wooden temple was built. It was made in North-Russian hipped roof style. In 17th century priests of the cathedral helped to guard Kuznetsk against the Tatar-nomads. In 1718 to the one-hundred jubilee of Kuznetsk Peter I presented to the city a wooden cross three meters high, the part of this cross is still kept in the museum of local history. In the early 18th century the temple got the status of the cathedral. On 14th of May in 1792 the new temple was laid after benediction of archbishop Varlaam by artel of Irkutsk master Pochekunin. In 1830 laying finished and in 1831 the decoration finished. The cathedral was consecrated in 1835. In 1919 the cathedral was destroyed and it didn't function until 1991 when the 1st divine service after reconstruction was conducted.

    Now Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral is the main cathedral of Novokuznetsk, its doors are always open for parishioners, here the great holy days celebrated and excursions are provided.

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