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Kuznetsk Fortress

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  • Located on the hill, high above the city, Kuznetsk Fortress is one of the most magnificent monuments of history and fortification of 18-19 centuries; it represents an outstanding example of Siberian military-engineering art. Kuznetsk Fortress dates back to the time of fortification development at the southern Siberia and is the only object of its kind over the Urals.

    Kuznetsk Fortress was the part of fortification system, the main destination of which was controlling of Qing Dynasty's aggression against the southern Siberia. The fortress was built in the early 19th century as a fortification building, but never took part in military action since it was built. The part of walls and up-gate church were made of stone and brick, the ground banks served as extension of the walls. The territory of fortress included more than dozens of stone buildings and numerous underground entrances and labyrinths.

    In 1870 there was organized a prison for criminal offenders which was named "Kuznetsk prison castle". In the 20th century the fortress was almost fully destroyed. In 1991 in Novokuznetsk the museum "Kuznetsk Fortress" was organized. Currently it includes more than dozens objects of fortification and architecture of different level of safe-keeping. The territory of "Kuznetsk fortress" is about 22 hectares; there are almost all types of architectural monuments concentrated. In 1998 dimensioned restoration work took place here.

    Until nowadays the museum staff makes researches in different fields according to the history of Kuznetsk Fortress. The exhibits of the basic museum number more than 10000. The museum offers courses for preschoolers, lectures on local history for schoolchildren and teachers, excursions to the expositions of the museum on the territory of the fortress and in the city ofNovokuznetsk. Themes of lectures involve wide spectrum of military history problems, historical geography, archeology, history of the city and its architecture monuments. At the place of Kuznetsk Fortress many city events and holidays take place.

    The museum is opened for about 125.5 thousand visitors every year.

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