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Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

Hotels on this tour:

  • Type of tour: combined, active, sightseeing, ethnic
  • Region: Siberia: Mountain Shoria + Altai (Lake Teletskoye)
  • Duration: 12 days/11 nights
  • Period: from June to the middle of September
  • People in the group: min - 3
  • Age limit: children not younger than 15 years old
  • You'll visit the following locations: cities Novokuznetsk, Tashtagol, villages Artybash, Ust-Kabyrza.
Price includes:
  • transfers to the airport and back;
  • all tour rides accoording to the program;
  • guide-interpreter's service
  • at Lake Teletskoye: double or triple accommodation, excursion across the village;
  • at the tourist centre in Ust-Kabyrza: 3 meals a day, double or triple accommodation, excursion across the village;
  • on the rafting part of the program: tickets for visiting the Shorian National Park of Nature, double tents accommodation, full board (camp meals), all bivouac equipment, fishing tacking, life jacket;
  • in the Shorian countryside: living in the house with the family, three meals a day with the family, an ethnic program;
  • hotel at the Zelenaya Mountain: double accommodation in a hotel, excursions according to the program;
  • in the city of Novokuznetsk: double accommodation in the hotel, excursions, guide-interpreter service;
  • accident insurance.             

Extra price :
  • airplane tickets to/from Novokuznetsk;
  • food, except for residence in Ust-Kabyrza and the rafting part of the program. The approximate cost of three meals a day - 800 rub. (approximately 20 Euro);
  • extra services and excursions to places of accommodation which are not included in the tour program;
  • souvenirs;
  • by tourists' request: single accommodation in hotels and tourist centres.

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will. Please contact us for details

Travel in Siberia discovers different regions, each of them is special. Teletskoye Lake and Montain Shoriaare the places where a lot of legends and mysteries are still alive. You will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with natives' traditions and further become a part of them. You will visit "the golden lake" and Siberian Switzerland with doing some rafting and acquaintance with daily life of natives.

Lake Teletskoye is a jewel of Altai Region. People call it "A golden lake", a treasure lying between the mountains. Its length - 77.8 km, average width - 3 km. Lake Teletskoye is a large repository of fresh water, the second volume in Russia after Lake Baikal.

Shors are indiginous inhabitans of the south of Kemerovo Region, living in the mountain taiga area called Mountain Shoria. We offer you to get acquainted with these wonderful people, their land and national traditions.


Tour program:

Day 1 on tour

Arrival to Novokuznetsk. Meeting with guide. Breakfast. Transfer to the north of Teletskoye Lake to the village Artybash (Altai Mountains, about 6 hours with stops for rest). Accommodation at the hotel. sightseeing excursion across the surroundings.

Day 2 on tour

Rest day on the lake. For extra price you can take a boat trip on the Lake Teletskoye visiting the main waterfalls, bays; do river rafting or horseback ride with experienced instructors.

Day 3 on tour

Transfer to the village Ust-Kabyrza (Mountain Shoria, the journey takes about 5 hours). Accommodation at the tourist centre. Lunch. sightseeing excursion across surroundings. Dinner.

Day 4 on tour

Breakfast. Rest day in amazing beauty of the Russian countryside. Welcome to a river Mras-Su rich with fish, The Shorian National Park guarded by law. For extra price you can take an excursion on the motor boat by the river Mras-Su, or an excursion to sites by landrover. Dinner.

Days 5-6 on tour

Rafting on the river Mras-Su (The Shorian National Park area), with stops to visit the tour sites (waterfall Saga). Accommodation in 2 person tents. In the evening on the 6th day - hiking bath.

Day 7 on tour

Breakfast. The end of the rafting in the village Ust-Anzas in Mountain Shoria. Settling in the houses of local people. Lunch with the family. Visiting of Museum of Shorian life in the open air called "Tazgol". Dinner. Bath "in-Shorian". Evening of Shorian tales and legends.

Day 8

The daily life of Shorian village. Learning to mow grass, take care of plantings in the garden, milk the cow, cook national Shorian food. Bath "in-Shorian". In the evening - Shorian shamanic ritual.

Day 9 on tour

Breakfast. Transfer by car to the city Tashtagol (the administrative centre of Mountain Shoria). Excursion to the Museum of National History and Ethnography of Mountain Shoria. City sightseeing. Moving to the village Sheregesh (winter ski resort). Accommodation at the hotel on the Zelenaya Mountain.

Day 10 on tour

Excursion to the Zelenaya Mountain to the Bow cross (excursion object). Climbing the mountain by the ropeway. Picnic on the nature. Return to the hotel.

Day 11 on tour

Breakfast. Transfer to Novokuznetsk. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. Excursion to the monument of history and architecture of federal value Kuznetsk Fortress . Visiting of Spaso-Preobrajensky Cathedral . The sightseeing pedestrian excursion across Novokuznetsk city with visiting of The Boulevard of Heroes .

Day 12 on tour

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.


Additional information on this tour

List of necessary things on tour:

Sports wear for active tourism + the spare complete set of clothes, sun glasses, sunblock/tanner, raincoat, head flash-light, repellent, sun-blocking head-dress, tracking footwear, warm coat and trousers, cap, footwear for rafting.

Accommodation on tour

  • The hotel on the north shore of Lake Teletskoye.
    The hotel is located on the lake shore. Double or triple accommodation. Lavatory and shower are in the room
  • The tourist centre in the village Ust-Kabyrza.
    The tourist centre is situated near the place where two mountain rivers - Mras-Su and Pyzas flow together. This place geographically is named the village Ust-Kabyrza in Montain Shoria . Accommodation in a two-storeyed wooden building in double and triple rooms. Lavatory (toilet only) is in the room.
  • On the rafting.
    Accommodation in double tents. All necessary equipment is provided: sleeping bag, tourist mat, inlay in the sleeping bag, life jacket.
  • The hotel in Novokuznetsk.
    The hotel in Novokuznetsk is situated in the city core of Novokuznetsk opposite the building of city Administration. Near the hotel the recreation zone is situated - there is The Boulevard of Heroes , the circus, the museum of Arts. Double rooms, toilet and shower are in the room.


All tour rides are provided in micro-buses, cars, land-rovers according to the number of tourists and landscape conditions.

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