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Tour "Altai welcomes guests"

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:



  • Type of tour: combined, sightseeing
  • Region: Siberia: Mountain Altai
  • Duration: 7 days (6 nights)
  • Period: from June to September
  • People in the group: min – 5
  • Age limit: children can participate in this tour from 7 years old, accompaniment of adults required
  • You'll visit the following locations: Chemal village, Aya Lake, Teletskoye Lake, Srostki village, Cheposh village



Price includes:

  • guide-interpreter service;
  • excursion and transport service according to the tour program;
  • DBL accommodation in the hotels and tourist centres in Chemal and Turochak regions of Altai, comfortable or with limited facilities (only toilet and basin in the room);
  • accident insurance.
Extra price:
  • airplane/railway tickets;
  • extra excursion program.

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will. Please contact us for details



Altai land, fascinating and full of mystery, covered with legends, myths and folk songs, warmly welcomes its guests. At this automobile travel invites everyone who wants to meet the summer Altai and enjoy its beauty.



Tour program:

Day 1

Automobile transfer from Novokuznetsk to Chemal village (Republic of Altai) with stops for having rest and visiting of Shukshin museum (in Srostki village). Accommodation at the tourist centre. sightseeing excursion around the outskirts.

Day 2

Excursion to the Chemal hydroelectric power station – the 1st one in Altai, which was built in 1935, Patmos island to the 1st missionary temple at Altai. Returning to the tourist centre.

Day 3

Excursion to the village Cheposh to the Russian cultural complex. Participation in the program “Russian pastime” (folk games, rites, Slavonic celebration traditions). Returning to the tourist centre.

Day 4

Automobile travel to the Karakol valley. Ethnic natural park “Uch-Enmek”. Acquaintance with archeological complexes of the ancient Pazyryk culture, petroglyphs and characters. Returning to the tourist centre.

Day 5

Automobile travel to the Lake Teletskoye (by automobile, 440 km). By the way excursion to the Lake Aya – the most popular beach place at Altai. Arrival to the village Artybash  (north of Lake Teletskoye). Accommodation at the tourist centre.



List of necessary things on tour:

Sports wear for active tourism + the spare complete set of clothes, sun glasses, sunblock/tanner, raincoat, head flash-light, repellent, sun-blocking head-dress, tracking footwear, warm coat and trousers, cap.




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