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Excursion-ethnographical tour – “Siberian Hospitality”

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

Hotels on this tour:

  • Type of tour: combined, active, with ethnic elements
  • Region: Siberia: Kuznetsk Alatau + Kuznetsk Basin
  • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
  • Period: from May to September
  • People in the group: min - 3
  • Age limit: children not younger than 10 years old
  • You'll visit the following locations: cities Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Siberian village
Price includes:
  • all tour rides according to the program;
  • transfers from and to the airport;
  • guide-interpreter's service;
      In Novokuznetsk:
    • double accommodation in the hotel;
    • excursion program in Novokuznetsk;
    • tickets to the museums;
    • guide's service;
      One-day excursion trip to Kemerovo:
    • On the journey: water, tea, coffee;
    • guide's service;
    • tickets to the museums;
      At the tourist centre Kazyr:
    • accommodation in double and triple houses;
    • full board + evening tea;
    • excursion program;
    • Russian baths;
      In Russian village:
    • accommodation in Russian house with the family;
    • full board + evening tea;
    • ethnic program;
    • country baths;
  • accident insurance.
Extra price :
  • airport, railway tickets to/from Novokuznetsk
  • Day 1, Day 2: meals. Approximate price of three meals a day - 700 rubles a day (approximately 17,5 euro)
  • souvenirs
  • extra charge for single accommodation

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will. Please contact us for details.

Siberian village is a special way of living, which seems to become a surprise for our foreign guests. Travel in Russia will be incomplete without visiting Russian village. You will have a chance to get secret knowledge how to chop firewood, stoke the oven, mow the grass, cook Russian bliny and borsch (and after that - to eat all of these delicious dishes). Moreover you will be able to see not only country-life side of Russia, but also enjoy the splendour of our cities - Novokuznetsk and Kemerovo and unique museums in the open-air - Tomskaya Pisanitsa and Krasnaya Gorka.

Tour program:

Day 1

Arrival to Novokuznetsk. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Breakfast. Excursion to the monument of history and architecture of federal value - Kuznetsk Fortress . Visiting of Spaso-Preobrajensky Cathedral . Dinner. Visiting of excursion objects devoted to the work of Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. Pedestrian excursion in Novokuznetsk with visiting of The Boulevard of Heroes. Supper.

Day 2

Breakfast. Departure to the one-day excursion to the suburbs of Kemerovo for visiting historical and cultural and natural Tomskaya Pisanitsa (about 4 hours on the one-way journey). Dinner. Visiting of historical-architectural museum Krasnaya Gorka. sightseeing excursion across the city of Kemerovo. Returning to Novokuznetsk. Supper.

Day 3

Early raise. Departure to the area of Podnebesnye Zubja (Kuznetsk Alatau) by train. The snack is packed meal. Crossing the river Tom by boat (or catamaran). Pedestrian passage without luggage to the picturesque taiga perch. Arrival to the tourist centre. Accommodation at the houses. Breakfast. Rest. Dinner. Pedestrian excursion "Rapids of Kazyr". Rafting on the river Kazyr. Russian baths. Supper. Night disco.

Day 4

Breakfast. Excursion "Under the earth and on the water". Automobile transfer to the cave "Kaltasskaya", visiting of the wild cave. Rafting on the rafts and catamarans on the silent river Tom (4 km). Returning to the tourist centre (3 km). Late dinner. Rest. Russian baths. Supper. Watching DVD films.

Day 5

Breakfast. The rest in the tourist centre. Early dinner. Returning to Novokuznetsk by train. Supper.

Day 6-9

Departure to the village. Accommodation in the village house with the family. During 4 days guests will learn how to chop firewood, to stoke the oven, to mow the grass, to cook Russian bliny (pancakes), borsch (red-beet soup), to crochet home Russian rugs, to look after the vegetable garden and domestic animals (the cow, sheep, hen and so on), the bees, to fish and to cook the Russian fish-soup on the camp-fire. In the program - the course of driving the tractor along the Russian fields, excursion to the woods for picking berries and gathering mushrooms (depending on the season), everyday Russian baths with birchen brooms and herbal tea.

Day 10

Early breakfast. Transfer to the airport.

Additional information on tour:

List of necessary things on tour:

Sports wear for active tourism + the spare complete set of clothes, sun glasses, sunblock/tanner, raincoat, head flash-light, repellent, sun-blocking head-dress, tracking footwear, warm coat and trousers, cap, footwear for rafting.

Accommodation on tour:

  • The hotel "Nadezhda", Novokuznetsk.
    Private hotel "Nadezhda" is situated in the city core, opposite the city Administration building. At the distance 200 m there are shopping centres "Globus" and "Continent". Near there is a rest area - Boulevard of Heroes, circus, celebrations square, museum of Arts. There are double cozy rooms (kind of one-room flat with square up to 30 m2), in the room - 2 single beds (twin room), lavatory (with shower).
  • Tourist centre Kazyr.
    Wooden double houses are situated on the bank of mountain river Kazyr. In the room - 2 beds, a table, a furnace. Washbasin and lavatory is outdoors.
  • The country house.
    Accommodation in the house. Washbasin is inside the house and lavatory is outdoors.

Special information on the route:

Day 4: Going through the cave doesn't require special training and special equipment besides the helmets (are provided) and head flash-light. The cave consists of 2 grottos. The rafting is organized on the silent (not categorical) river Tom on rafts or catamarans. The special rafting footwear is required (sandals).

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