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Active-excursion tour – “Picturesque Places Of Kuznetsk Alatau”

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

Hotels on this tour:

  • Type of tour: combined, active, sightseeing
  • Region: Siberia: Kuznetsk Alatau + Kuznetsk Basin
  • Duration: 11 days/11 nights
  • Period: from June to September
  • People in the group: min - 3
  • Age limit: children not younger than 15 years old
  • You'll visit the following locations: cities Novokuznetsk, Mezhdurechensk
Price includes:
  • transfer from and to the airport;
  • all tour rides;
      In Novokuznetsk:
    • double accommodation in the hotel;
    • excursion program in Novokuznetsk;
    • guides' service;
      At the tourist centre Kazyr:
    • accommodation in double and triple houses;
    • full board + evening tea;
    • excursion program;
    • Russian baths;
    • disco;
      At the tourist-camp "Snow Leopard":
    • accommodation in the wooden two-storeyed house;
    • full board + evening tea;
    • Russian baths;
      On the rafting:
    • accommodation in the double tents, full board (camp food);
    • fishing skills training;
  • accident insurance.
  • guide-interpreter's service.
Extra price:
  • airport tickets In Novokuznetsk;
  • in Novokuznetsk: Day 1 and Days 10, 11 - meals; approximate price of three meals a day - 800 rubles (approximately 20 euro);
  • extra services at the Kazyr and Snow Leopard tourist centres, which tour program doesn't include (treatment not according to the program);
  • souvenirs;
  • extra charge for single accommodation in the hotel of Novokuznetsk.

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will. Please contact us for details

Kuznetsk Alatau is famous for being one of the most picturesque places the human have ever reached. Travel in Russia with visiting the most picturesque places should always contain visiting this region. It's wonderful that you can get to this pristine area by train and live in comfortable cozy houses with furnaces. Breathtaking landscapes will open to you during excursions. Also you will have a chance to do some rafting, picking berries and make short ascents. Moreover you will visit exciting excursions in Novokuznetsk city which will unveil interesting facts about history and modern life of our city.

Tour program:

Day 1 on tour

Arrival to Novokuznetsk. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Dinner. Excursion to the monument of history and architecture of federal value - Kuznetsk Fortress and Spaso Preobrajenskiy Cathedral. Dinner. Excursion to the museum and memorial complex of Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. Pedestrian sightseeing excursion in Novokuznetsk with visiting Of Boulevard of Heroes. Supper.

Day 2 on tour

Early raising. Departure to the Podnebesnye Zubja(Kuznetsk Alatau) by train. Snack is packed meal. Crossing the river Tom by boat. Pedestrian passage without luggage to the picturesque taiga perch. Arrival to the tourist centre. Accommodation in the houses. Breakfast. Rest. Dinner. Pedestrian excursion "Rapids of Kazyr". Rafting on the river Kazyr. Russian baths. Supper. Night disco.

Day 3 on tour

Breakfast. Excursion "Under the earth and on the water". Automobile transfer to the cave "Kaltasskaya", visiting of the wild cave. Rafting on the rafts (catamarans) on the silent river Tom (4 km). Returning to the tourist centre (3 km). Late dinner. Rest. Russian baths. Supper. Watching DVD films.

Day 4 on tour

Breakfast. Automobile transfer to the tourist centre Tourist centre Snow Leopard with two breaks in the place of two look-out grounds (18 km). Pedestrian passage to the tourist path to the tourist-site (1,5 km). Accommodation at the tourist camp. Visiting of the chapel (In memory of the decedent tourists and alpinists). Dinner. Pedestrian excursion on the tourist paths by the cross-country to the open talc deposit and the tremolites (monument of nature). The duration of excursions is about 2 hours. Returning to the campsite. Russian baths. Supper.

Day 5 on tour

Breakfast. Mountaineering to the alp Podnebesny by tourist path. The duration is about 5-6 hours. A snack on the alp. Descending. Late dinner. Rest. Russian baths. Supper. Evening camp-fire with a tea-time (with herbal tea).

Day 6 on tour

Breakfast. Pedestrian excursion to the waterfalls by tourist path through the cross-country. The duration of the excursions is about 5 hours. Returning to the campsite. Late dinner. Rest. Russian baths. Supper.

Day 7 on tour

Breakfast. Pedestrian excursion to the tourist centre "Gluhariny" with the overview of a small waterfall. The duration of excursion is about 4 hours. Returning to the campsite "Snow Leopard". Dinner. Rest. Supper. Watching photos on DVD.

Day 8 on tour

Breakfast. Pedestrian passage to the station Lujba. Dinner. The beginning of the rafting on the river Tom. Supper. Evening near the camp-fire.

Day 9 on tour

The day of rafting with elements of fishing.

Day 10 on tour

Breakfast. Ending of rafting. Transfer to Kemerovo Region. Dinner on the journey. Arrival to Novokuznetsk. Accommodation in the hotel. Supper.

Day 11 on tour

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.

Additional information on tour

List of necessary things on tour:

Sports wear for active tourism + the spare complete set of clothes, sun glasses, sunblock/tanner, raincoat, head flash-light, repellent, sun-blocking head-dress, tracking footwear, warm coat and trousers, cap, footwear for rafting.

Accommodation on tour:

  • The hotel in Novokuznetsk.
    The hotel is situated in the city core of Novokuznetsk opposite the building of the city Administration. Near the hotel the recreation zone is situated - there is the Boulevard of Heroes, the circus, the museum of Arts. Double rooms, lavatory (with shower) is in the room.
  • Tourist centre "Kazyr".
    Wooden double houses are situated on the bank of mountain river Kazyr. In the room - 2 beds, a table, a furnace. A wash-basin and toilet is outdoors.
  • Tourist centre Snow Leopard.
    Tourist centre is situated in the picturesque surroundings of Kuznetsk Alatau mountain chain, in taiga. This tourist centre is named in memory of the alpinist Yury Uteshev, who was perished in 2006 on the alp K2. On the 1st floor of the house kitchen and dining room are located, on the 2nd floor - two rooms (one is quadriple), the 2nd is common, capacity up to 15 people. Near the tourist centre there is a chapel in memory of the decedent tourists and alpinists.
  • On the rafting. 
    Accommodation in double tents. All necessary equipment is provided: sleeping bag, tourist mat, inlay in the sleeping bag, life jacket.


All tour rides are provided in microbuses, cars, land-rovers according to the number of tourists and landscape conditions.

Special information on the route:

  • The program may be corrected according to the weather conditions.
  • All tour routes are provided for so-called "wild" tourists, so you should notice that there are no built-in highlights, hand-rail, flooring, stairs, etc.
  • All necessary equipment is provided.
  • Electricity at the tourist centres is produced by the generator and is provided only in the evening.
  • There is no cellular communications.
  • Lavatory is outdoors.
  • Ascent to the alp Podnebesny (Day 5): alp height is 1250 meters. The ascent altitude depends on the state of health of the tourists. The height overfall is 500 m.
  • Excursion to the waterfall (Day 6): narrow path with the hold-down on the one side and sharp steep on the other side. The sharp steep towards the end of the waterfall.
  • Excursion to the "Gluhariny" tourist centre (Day 7) there is a pass with a large height overfall between the tourist centres. On the way to "Gluhariny" there is a steep long descent, so it turns to a steep ascent on the way back.

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