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Excursion-ethnographical tour - "Baikal: The Gaeser Land"

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

  • Region: Siberia (Baikal)
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Period: from June to the middle of September
  • People in the group: min – 3, max - 12.
  • You'll visit the following locations: city of Irkutsk, villages Arshan, Mondy, Listvyanka, Khuzhir.
Price includes:
  • excursion program and transfers on tour program (all museum entrances are included);
  • DBL or TRPL accommodation;
  • FB;
  • guide-interpreter's service;
  • recreational taxes;

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will.Please contact us for details

"The Gaeser legend" is a heroic epos of Central Asia. Gaeser was a son of celestial deity and was sent to the Earth to fight the evil. We invite you to take part in this wonderful tour to Siberia which will open many mysteries. The path along "The Gaeser Land" leads to the reserved places of Tunkin valley through the famousCircumbaykal Railway (A Part Of The Transsiberian Railroad) (the old part of the Transsiberian railroad) to the sands and pine-trees of the magic island Olkhon. The journey begun in Irkutsk, one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Siberia. Then transfer to Buryatiya, to the majestic legendary mountains of Eastern Sayan, curative mineral springs, pure mountain rivers. By the Circumbaykal Railway – unique memorial of engineering architecture – the train will deliver you to the "Baikal Gates" as the village-port Listvyanka is called. From here you will take a trip to the island Olkhon – the place of ancient legends and historical traditions. This is the most rich excursion tour to the south-western Baikal and Pribaykalie: "To see everything!"

Tour program:

Day 1

Meeting of the group in Irkutsk. Automobile sightseeing excursion along the city. In 2011 Irkutsk celebrates its 350th anniversary! The city of Irkutsk entered many wonderful pages to the history of Russia and now by right it's considered one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Russia. After the excursion let's go to the mountains! (transfer 230 km) The road by the beautiful streamer will lead you to the fairy world of the Eastern Sayan Mountains to the Tunkin valley. Accommodation in the hotel in the village Zhemchug (Pearl). Evening of acquaintance with Buryat culture. Supper in Buryat traditions. The ceremony of Buryat welcome. Everybody sings Buryat national songs and dances national Buryat dance – Ekhor. Famous thermal springs are located near your hotel. Hot mineral water streams from the deep supply wells and enters to open wooden pools, bath building and shower. Today and on other days of stay in Tunkin valley you will have an opportunity to bathe in curative springs.

Day 2

Automobile excursion to the village Arshan which is the centre of balneal and mountain-climatic resort. One of the most picturesque villages of Tunkin valley is located near the foot of majestic Sayan Mountains, just in 100 km from the border with Mongolia on the bank of mountain river Kyngarga. Passing through the resort zone of the village Arshan you will visit exotic local market of souvenirs and herbage and then by beautiful forest path going along picturesque canyon of river Kyngarga, you will get to the place, where the river slips down into the waterfall. You will try mineral water of different mixture from the curative springs and visit an active buddhistic temple.

Day 3

Today you will go to excursion "Mountain Oka" – the road to The Gaeser Land. You will pass through the Tunkin valley, where the Khamar-Daban ridge and the Tunkin Goltsy are making a wonderful panorama. You will make some breaks nearby the sanctuary places of the valley, each of them has its own legend. In the village Mondy, almost near the border with Mongolia, the valley converges and the road goes up above the mountains. High-altitude road leading to the centre of the most distant region of Buryatiya – Okinsky – is only 20 years old. For the centuries there was only an ancient horse road. Natives of Okinsky region call their native places "The Gaeser Land", his "toonto nutag" – his home land. Epic hero Gaeser is honored by nations of Mongolia, Buryatia,Tuva, Kalmykia… If you see these places once, you will never forget them!

Day 4

Transfer to Sludyanka. Excursion to the Circumbaykal Railway (A Part Of The Transsiberian Railroad), in 1905 it became so-called "golden buckle", which united "steel belt of Russia" – the Trans-Siberian Railway. Very interesting for tourists are tunnels, strong supporting walls, viaducts made of hewn stone, wooden buildings in the modernistic style of the 20th century. The road itself and the close-fitting territory consists of memorials, engineering, technical art and architecture and different memorials of nature – geology, mineralogy, zoology and biology. Arrival to the port Baikal, then transfer by cutter to the village Listvyanka. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 5

Visiting sights in Listvyanka: Baikal limnological museum (Museum of Baikal), seal museum, walking along the quay.

Day 6

Transfer to Irkutsk (70 km), visiting architectural and ethnographic museum "Talcy". Unique museum in the open air – recreated nook of ancient Siberian village XVII – XIX centuries. Here you can find Buryat ulus consisted of jurts and nomad encampment of Evenks. More than 40 architectural monuments narrate about the daily life of Evenks, Buryats and the 1st Russian explorers. Here different performances are set, you can ride horses, Russian swings, buy manufacture made by national skilled craftsmen. Transfer to the island Olkhon to the village Khuzhir (270 km). Journey by ferry-boat through the strait "Olkhon Gates" will give you particular impression. Accommodation at the campsite.

Day 7

All day long journey to the cape Khoboy (the northern extremity of the island). Spectacular spar-shaped rock which gave the name to the island, has its legend. The cape is located near the most broad place of Baikal(79.5 km). Right here you can appreciate the lake size which natives often call the sea. On the way you will see all variety of landscapes and natural memorials of island picturesque steppes of the Northern Olkhon, the rock "Three brothers", stilted trees of the tract Peschanoe… On the halt the fish-soup made of omul and hot tea made on the campfire will wait for you.

Days 8-9

Rest on the island. Olkhon concentrates all the variety of natural preserve with astonishing diverse landscapes and majestic sceneries for lovers of wild nature and photographers   on its territory. We offer you to visit a 3 km long beach of Saraysky bayis with snow-white sand and pure water. This is a wonderful chance to feel yourself in private with the Great Baikal. Olkhon is a perfect place to have  rest and reflexions. At the campsite you can choose water, horse and automobile excursions.

Day 10

Transfer to Irkutsk.

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