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Active-excursion tour "Sayan Expanses"

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

Hotels on this tour:

  • The tour takes place in these regions:Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva, Khakassia
  • You'll visit the following locations: Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Shushenskoye, Kyzyl
  • Duration: 10 days/ 9 nights
  • Months: from June to August
  • Bus traveling: 1600 km
  • Trekking distance: 67 km
  • People in a group: min - 8, max - 18
  • Age limit: children not younger than 10 years old
  • The tour doesn't require any special physical training.

30% for children under 12 years old.

Price includes:
  • transport service (minibus, minivan);
  • twin or triple accommodation in the camp;
  • edouble accommodation in economy class "Snow Leopard" (without WC);
  • yurt complex (without WC);
  • meals (including mineral water, juices, coffee, tea, local drinks);
  • excursions;
  • porter servicess;
  • tickets to the museums and parks;
  • guide service;
  • visa support;
  • accident insurance.

Price does not include:
  • tickets to Krasnoyarsk;
  • train tickets Krasnoyarsk-Abakan-Krasnoyarsk;
  • alcohol drinks;
  • extra service;
  • folk programs;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation at the 1 day;
  • tick-borne encephalitis insurance;
  • *Extra pay for a single room during the whole tour - 130 euro.
  • ** Extra pay for a double cottage in the tourist centre "Snow leopard" (bio toilet in the cottage, wash basin, 2 days) - 30 euro.

Please contact us for details

Siberia is still an unknown land, terra incognita. Travel to Siberia will unveil some of mysteries you may have. You will be able to reveal them choosing the tour "Sayan expanses". The journey includes three territories of SiberiaKrasnoyarsk TerritoryTuva and Khakassiya. Every territory has its own peculiarities, history, culture and unique nature. The tourists will visit The national nature reserve "Stolby", West Sayan mountains and the famous park Ergaki. They will get acquainted with amazing Tuva Republic, with its fantastic landscapes and salty lakes similar to the waters of the Dead Sea.

Day 1

Meeting Siberia

Your acquaintance with Siberia begins in Krasnoyarsk. The city may seem familiar to you even if you have never been there before. Don't be surprised: you have seen it on a ten ruble banknote. There is the Communal bridge and the symbol of Krasnoyarsk - the chapel of Praskeva Pyatnitsa depicted on the banknote.

The tourists are met at the railway station from 7:00 to 9:00, the luggage will be delivered to the cloak-room. The accommodation in a hotel, also in group rooms**, breakfast** only according to tourists wish. The next place of the program is the national nature reserve "Stolby". You will come to the guard place with an experienced guide and after that walk approximately 5 km.

Then the group will walk around the nature reserve (about 3 km). The bravest can try to climb one of the rocks. During the excursion you will hear a lot of interesting legends and stories. Almost every rock is unique and has its own name - Grandfather, the First rock, Feathers, Takmak, Elephant, Lion's gate, Manskaya Baba, Vultures, Fortress and many others.

The tourist territory of the nature reserve occupies the territory of 1500 hectares.

The lunch is a lunch-box or a picnic with shashlyki (Russian barbeque)**. After that everybody can have rest in the izba.

After that you will go down to the guard place where you will be met by the bus and then you will go to the sightseeing excursion.

You will visit the most interesting places of the city. One of them is Karaulnaya mountain where the chapel is situated. Some time ago it was called Kum-Tigei hill. The Cossacks who founded the city built a watch tower there in the beginning of the 17th century. The stone chapel appeared in 1865. In the 21st century a cannon was installed near the chapel which shoots every midday. One can enjoy a fascinating view of the city, Yenisei riverand the nature reserve "Stolby".

Arriving to the railway station. Boarding the train Krasnoyarsk-Abakan ¹124 (2d** and 3d class). The dinner is served in the train**.

*Train; lunch.

** For an additional fee.

Day 2

Between two cultures

The guests are met in Abakan - the capital of Khakassiya. Earlier it was known as Ust-Abakanskoe village. In the beginning of the 20th century the village got the status of the city and the new name Abakan. After the breakfast the group will have a short excursion around the city.

Day 3

Climbing the mount Ptitsa (Bird)

Waking up at 9:00, morning swimming, morning exercise, breakfast and preparing for a walk to a Bird's shoulder. Rom the camping it is possible to see the whole way to the peak. Tourists will go along a path climbing a mount to the height of 1700 meters above the sea level, the forest is left back. We can see mountains, lakes and taiga, it is amazing! The path is becoming narrower and tourists reach the pass Ptitsa, from this place it is really seen a big bird, an eagle that is touching land with its pads and putting its wings together. Lunch box on the way.

During the trip you will see lake of Mountain Spirits, rocks "Two Brothers" and the bridge between them "Parabola". Some rocks looking like a turtle, camel, deserted castles. The trip will take about 4-5 hours, 10 km.

After returning to camping rest and satisfying dinner. Preparing for night banya and swimming in the lake. The day finishes with songs and stories, games and competitions on the night fire.

*Accomodation in the campring, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 4

Meeting with the Dinosaur

A new morning, new day and new impressions. After breakfast the group goes to a new trip to the highest point of the region. It is the mount Dinosaur (12 km, 7-8 hours). The path runs along the lake Svetloye, we climb up the hill and down to the lake Zolotarnoye or Malakhitovoye. The lake is big, located outside the forest. Packed lunch on the way. The next attraction is a cliff Dragon's Tooth, it will surprise with its concave rock walls. It hosts the championships among climbers of Russian and world level.

Dinner over the campfire. Evening communication, exchange of experiences, looking through pictures taken during day trip, it makes the rest warm and friendly.

*Accomodation in the campring, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 5

Sayan mountains and Tuva republic

After breakfast the group says goodbye to the camping, peaks Ptitsa and Zvezdny and promise to return back some day. The back way on foot (8 km, 2-3 hours). The bus meets the group, tourists get their luggage, change clothes and continue the program. Lunch in village Ardan.

There is a watching place on the border of Krasnoyarsk region and Tuva from where you can see the fascinating republic. Many are amazed by the fact that when they cross the border the surrounding landscape changes dramatically. It seems that you have entered another planet and time. The major part of Tuva doesn't have any civilization. Endless steppes stretch for hundreds of kilometers interrupted only by rocks.

The first place to visit in Tuva is a famous burial mound Arjaan-II. This archaeological dig of the Scythian king and his wife became a sensation several years ago. Archaeologists found beautiful golden jewelery the total weight of which is more than 20 kg. Scientists date back this jewelery to VII century B.C.

The next stop is made not far from Kyzyl (22 km) on the bank of the river Biy-Khem (Big Yenisei). There are tuvinian felt yurts assembled specially for the tourists. The guests can feel real nomads there. The only difference is that the yurts are equipped with modern facilities.

After dinner the group will be engaged into a fascinating show - the performance of the national tuvinian throat singing "khoomei"**. Local people possess a unique ability to emit 2-3 different sounds simultaneously for 20-30 seconds. The majority of people are amazed by such singing and can't believe that one man can do it without musical instruments.

*Accommodation in a yurt complex "Biy-Khem", breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra pay.

Day 6

The Center of Asia

The day begins with a visit to the capital of Tuva - Kyzyl. You will visit several interesting places there. The first and the main pride of the city is the Center of Asia monument. It is made in the shape of a globe. Tuva and Kyzyl are specially marked on it. The monument stands on the bank of Yenisei, on the place of the geographical center.

Different religions exist peacefully in Tuva. It's no wonder that at first you will visit the Buddhist temple and listen to the sermon of a Lama, and then go to the Shaman's clinic. Shamanism still plays an important role in the life of the Tuvinians. Shamans have always been intermediaries between common people and spirits. They heal both body and soul. Nowadays there are special clinics where shamans work. Everyone who wants can visit these clinics.

After that the group will visit the Republican museum of Tuva. Its collection includes interesting archaeological findings beginning from the Bronze age. They can tell a lot about the culture of ancient tuvinian tribes.

After lunch the tourists will go shopping to the souvenir shops and walking around the city.

Then we go to the lake Dus-Khol (Svatikovo). On the way we stop near a mineral spring Tos-Bulag. Lake is known as therapeutic. Swimming and mud bathing. Each tourist could tell that healing properties of the lake is higher than ones of the Dead Sea in Israel or the Lake Tuz in Khakassia. Mineralization of water in Dus-Hole is very high, up to 280 g / liter. With the help of mud some diseases of the joints, digestive apparatus, of peripheral and central nervous system, also skin and gynecological diseases can be cured.

Dinner will give everybody a chance to taste national tuvinian cuisine. Late in the evening the tourists will see a mysterious performance - the ritual of shamans' kamlanie. It is a unique show during which a shaman communicates with spirits. Nobody will stay indifferent after this ritual.

*Accommodation in a the yurt complex "Bij-Khem" , breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra pay.

Day 7

Following the path of nomads

During this day the group will follow the path of the nomads in order to cross Tuva from the east to the west and to reach Khakassiya. The group will cross the mountain pass. They will meet places of strong energetic concentration. There will be a short stop near Khajyrakan mountain. In 1992 this mountain was chosen as an energetically powerful place and was consecrated by Dalai-Lama XIV. Local shamans come here once a year to renew their energy, to strengthen and to cleanse their spirit. Everybody who visits this place can feel its power.

Lunch will served in the lap of nature near "Seven sisters" - seven old larch trees growing from one root.

Khakassia starts on the Sayan pass, on the height of 2206 meters. The next day will be spent in powerful taiga, in the tourist centre Snow Leopard. The center stands on the bank of a clean mountain river Stoktysh. You can walk on colorful carpet of moss here, enjoy mountain air and traditional dishes of taiga cuisine.

*Accommodation in tourist centre Snow Leopard, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 8

Taiga happiness

Taiga rest is a perfect possibility to get rid of noise and city fuss. A touch to pristine nature can return inner harmony. After breakfast the tourists will go a mountain lake "Marankul" which is situated 1520 meters high above the sea level. The water temperature in the lake is usually 12-18 degrees. The way to the lake goes through the cedar taiga. The group will have lunch on the lake.

Then you will walk to the camp situated on the lake shore where you can swim and go rafting. Then the group will return to the tourist center.

You can also go rafting on Big On river**.

In the evening you will have a chance to visit Russian banya with fresh brooms and then to jump in the freezing water of a mountain river.

After dinner the group will gather around the bonfire. The night sky with millions of stars and coniferous forest scent can give you the feeling of unity with nature.

* Accommodation in tourist centre Snow Leopard, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra pay.

Day 9

Locking the ring

In the morning the tourists can make cosmetic procedures**, do a healing massage** or spend some time in phytosauna**. You can also do a honey wrapping**.

After lunch the tourists will leave "Snow leopard" and go down to the plateau. During their way they will stop near Hurtuyah tas stele. It is a special stone, worshiped by the women of Khakassia who wish to have a baby. In 2003 the stele was returned to its historical place from the Regional museum.

The final destination of our journey is Abakan city.

Dinner, train to Krasnoyarsk.

**Accommodation in the train, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra pay.

Day 10


Meeting the tourists at the railway station. Those who continue their trip will be served breakfast** and then transferred to the airport**.

**Extra pay.

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