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Yurt (in some Turkic languages jurt, yurta) - a portable frame dwelling with a felt cover of the nomads. Yurt fully meets the needs of nomads because of its convenience and practicality. She quickly assembled and disassembled easily by one family for one hour. It is easily transported by camel, horse or car, it felt covering does not let rain, wind and cold. The hole at the top of the dome is used to daylight and makes it easy to enjoy the fireplace. Yurt and still used in many cases the breeders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

The most common Turkic word meaning «jurt» is a 'people', "Rodina". In some Turkic languages, this word denotes only a portable tent or shelter, while others - pasture land, and even tribal homeland. In the Kyrgyz and Kazakh languages, the word "Ata-Jurt" means "Fatherland". In the modern Mongolian language, the word yurt (ger) is synonymous with "home".

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