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Friday, 14 March 2014 07:26

History of Russian Bath

Apostle Andrew wrote in 1113:

"Wondrous to relate, I saw the land of the Slavs, and while I was among them, I noticed their wooden bath-houses. They warm themselves to extreme heat, then undress, and after anointing themselves with tallow, take young reeds and lash their bodies. They actually lash themselves so violently that they barely escape alive. They then drench themselves with cold water, and thus are revived. They think nothing of doing this every day and actually inflict such voluntary torture upon themselves. They make of the act not a mere washing but a veritable torment."

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00

Russian Customs and Traditions

There are certain peculiarities that only Russians have and it's useful to know them. Otherwise you risk losing friends, getting shot, or having an argument.

Below we tried to list some common traits of the Russian character and list some things that Russians love and hate. If you are lucky enough to meet a person whose character incorporates all of the items from the list below, we can assure you that this person possesses the pure Russian spirit and should be treated with high respect. If you decide to become a Russian, you can use the list below as guidelines.

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00

Russian Samovar story

Samovar is a pure Russian find for tea. Tea was firstly presented to a Russian tzar by Mongolian khans and later the samovar's "grandfather" came to Russia from Persia.

In old Russia tea quickly replaced favorite Russian drink - sbiten (mix of hot water, honey and herbs) and became a way of life. Tea was drunk all day long - you could find hot tea sellers on street corners, in trains, in offices, not talking about bars and restaurants.

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00

Myths and Truths about Russia

Sometimes we hear and see so many striking, odd and new things about Russia on TV or in newspapers or from the people we meet, that I think I'm missing something! Really, it turns out I live at such a dangerous place, which is ruled by authoritarian regime, flooded with mafiosi, catastrophes, bombings happening all the time, with deadly cold winters, demolished economy, depressed people... I'm really surprised I'm still alive and living here. The point is that all those things about Russia are either not true or very much exaggerated.

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00


Easter, the day of Jesus' resurrection is considered the biggest event in spiritual life of a believer.

"Easter Kulich"see recipes

Last days of Week - Maundy Thursday, spiritual purifying, Good Friday, Jesus sufferings, Holy Saturday, the day of sorrow and at last Blessed Sunday had a symbolical effect on folk tradition, rites and Easter table. Many beautiful traditions, dated for Week, existed in the Rus. So, Maundy Thursday is also called "clean", not only because every Christian tries to adopt sacrament in his soul, but the purifying by water was widely spread - people swam in river ice-holes or poured cold water on them until sunrise in banyas. In the north, there was a tradition to gather juniper twigs, burn them and fumigate houses. healing juniper smell protected a man and an animal. People believed that an egg laid on Maundy Thursday protected from illnesses. Eggs were painted at this day as well.

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00

Russian bread is everything head

Bread has always been considered as the wealth of the Rus. Give us this day our daily bread…

Slavic people mainly grew wheat, barley, oats, and millet. Rye bread became Russia's real "daily bread", even though it had come to Russia from outside.

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00

Amazing Russian dress (costume)

We adopted a baby girl from Russia who is now 2. I also have a 9 year old daughter of my own.  russian christmas We thought this might be a good year to establish some Russian tradition and teach my older daughter a bit about Russia.

I'm not quite sure if we celebrated right. Anyhow, Jan 6 we had a traditional 12 course Russian/Ukrainian meatless meal when the first star appeared. We began the meal with a with a blessing of honey and broke bread, dipped it into first honey (sweetness of life) and then chopped garlic (bitterness of life). We ate a total of 12 dishes symbolisRussia was home to more than 150 million people - of which only about half were ethnic Russians.

The variety of colors for traditional costume displays love for beauty and ethnic diversity. These costumes are not only beautiful, there are also convenient in wearing because they were created for work as well. Festive clothes and everyday clothes, married woman's and young girl's clothes differed only for details, decoration, color gamut. Red fabric cloth was considered to be the nattiest one, and, by the way, the Russian word "beautiful" comes from the word "krasny", the Russian for "red".ing the 12 apostles.

Monday, 12 August 2013 00:00

Russian Food & Cuisine - Soups & Recipes

Soup is an important part of every meal in Russia, usually eaten in the afternoon.


 – the famous Russian soup made of beet and meat, usually served with sour cream.

Vegetable soup (shie) - the soup made of cabbage, potato and meat. There is also the specification called “shie postnie” –the same soup without the meat.
Fishsoup (uha) – the fishsoup with carrot, spices and potato.
Chiken soup (kuryniy soup)
Mushroom soup (grybnoy soup) 
Noodle soup – popular countryside dish made of homemade noodle, potato and meat sometimes.
Cold soup (okroshka)– gold “kvas” with vegetables, potato, eggs and spices

Russian Cuisine Recipes: Soups —
Abbreviations: ea - Each, tb - Table spoon, sm - Small, c - Cup, ts - Tea spoon, lg - Large. 

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Russian Bliny

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Siberian Pine

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